Everything that happens behind the scenes before we even show up with cameras - Logistics planning, scouting, permitting, scripting, story boarding, and anything else that is required prior to the start of production.

Every client has different needs.  We have a formula for developing customized pricing plans based on each production's specific details.  Factors include - complexity of pre-production, length and range of production and the specific post-production options chosen.


Everything that happens once we return to our studio with your footage. From triple back up of your masters to our compelling final cuts, our post-production process ensures that every video is unique, tells a story, and leads the viewer all the way to the end.

POST -production



Everything that happens on shooting days - half days, full days, multiple days.  As well as, all of our professional equipment, such as HD cameras, lighting, steadicam, slider, audio capture equipment, and an array of other tools.